Research paper: Examining the costs and causes of cyber incidents

26/09/2016 05:33
In 2013, the US President signed an executive order designed to help secure the nation’s critical infrastructure from cyberattacks.  As part of that order, he directed the National Institute for...

RAND Insurance Payout Study Hints at Smaller Average Data Breaches

26/09/2016 05:22
While one annual industry report puts the cost of the average cyber-incident at $1 million, an analysis of insurance data puts damages much lower—at about $200,000. Companies that spend little on...

Autonomous Cars’ Effect on Auto, Cyber Insurance

23/09/2016 05:32
Autonomous vehicles are expected to shake up the property/casualty market, as personal auto insurance premiums drop and cyber insurance steps in.   As drivers look forward to a future of...

Lloyd’s Survey: Facing the Cyber Risk Challenge

20/09/2016 07:02
The Lloyd’s survey examines the attitudes of European business leaders towards cyber risk. These days almost every business, regardless of size or location, relies on digital technology. While it...

54% of European CEOs are taking responsibility for cyber-security

20/09/2016 06:48
More than half (54 %) of CEOs in European companies are taking responsibility for cyber-security as it is now considered to be an executive responsibility. New research from Lloyds of...

Do You Know What Your Company’s Data Is Worth? by Dante Disparte and Daniel Wagner

17/09/2016 15:34
Accurately measuring enterprise value (EV) has never been more important or challenging. Even more so because firms are confronted by growing volumes of data, and the stakes implied in...

Cybercrime and crisis insurance products to boom in coming years

14/09/2016 07:26
Insurance against a range of risks in the political risk and crisis management space are set to boom in the coming years, after a period of lacklustre profitability growth within the market....

There’s more to cyber than your clients might think – how can you sell it?

12/09/2016 17:01
Cyber insurance has traditionally been associated with hacks and data-loss, but with the pace of technological change in today’s world, this definition is fast-becoming outdated. “There’s a...

Greek businesses to tackle cyber crime problems

09/09/2016 17:22
Greek businesses are increasingly looking to insure themselves against cyber attacks such as data breaches and ransom attacks, a new report has found. Timetric’s report, Reinsurance in Greece, Key...

How to get a more cost-effective cyber insurance policy

08/09/2016 14:04
The steps to take if you want cost effective insurance coverage A security practitioner who isn't worried about a breach is a rare find in the industry. Even if you are taking all the right steps...

‘Significant growth opportunities across every segment’ for cyber insurance

06/09/2016 09:32
Brokers will continue to play a major role in the cyber insurance market, which offers “significant growth opportunities across every segment,” according to Lambros Lambrou, CEO of Aon Risk...

Breaches reported to ICO almost double

02/09/2016 11:28
Over 2,000 incidents reported to UK's data watchdog in last financial year, FoI request reveals, but onlookers say the number understates the real problem   The number of security breaches...
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