Broker community remains “far behind” in cyber

22/10/2016 19:12
Global businesses spent more than $2 billion on cyber insurance in 2014 - an already impressive figure that could multiply by three to five times through 2020, according to estimates from insurance...

Lloyd's Market Innovation Awards Nominees

21/10/2016 06:19
  The Awards are a celebration of the unrivalled talent and expertise that exists in the Lloyd’s Insurance Market, showcasing the excellent work the market is doing every day to...

Report: 2016 Annual NetDiligence Cyber Claims Study

19/10/2016 11:02
The annual NetDiligence® Cyber Claims Study uses actual cyber liability insurance reported claims to illuminate the real costs of incidents from an insurer’s perspective. Our objective for this study...

Demand for cyber insurance on the rise, joint Swiss Re/ IBM study shows

16/10/2016 05:59
Following several high-profile cyber security breaches over recent years, a growing number of corporations perceive cyber as a high risk. Swiss Re therefore expects the demand for cyber insurance to...

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary by Nicholas Economidis

15/10/2016 10:15
Nothing seemed out of the ordinary The email looked familiar, and the request to transfer funds was a little out of the ordinary, but not that different from the normal course of business. ...

82% of global and IT business pros are concerned about GDPR compliance

14/10/2016 11:35
New global research from Dell reveals the lack of awareness among SMBs and large enterprises of the requirements of the EU's GDPR, going into effect in under two years   Eighty two percent of...

The danger within: internal risks increasing, claims new PwC report

12/10/2016 06:23
Amid a complex and constantly changing risk landscape, internal cyber attacks are an increasing threat that can damage a company’s profits and reputation, according to PwC’s ‘Global State of...

Preparing for GDPR

11/10/2016 06:26
As IT moves towards mobile and cloud-based services, data will get spread more widely across the organisation. This shift from central IT to more ‘edge computing’ represents a big challenge when it...

The Betterley Report:The annual volume of cyber risk premiums is around $3.25 billion, up about 18% from last year

09/10/2016 19:16
Annual premium volume information about the U.S. cyber-risk market is hard to come by, but in reviewing the market, we have concluded that the annual gross written premium may be as much as $3.25...

Cyber insurance – a necessary cost of modern business

09/10/2016 18:59
The Target hack was a consciousness-raising incident for C-level execs, making them realize that the total costs of an intrusion and data theft are much greater than a damaged reputation and...

Cybersecurity Preparedness and Response: A Middle Market Risk Management Perspective

09/10/2016 09:24
What is your company’s biggest vulnerability in terms of cyber risk?  How well prepared do you feel your company is to respond to a cyber-related crisis?  Does your company have a formal...
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