Can startups disrupt the $20 billion cyber insurance market?

24/05/2016 07:54
Over the past few years, cyber insurancemarkets have been growing at between 25-50 percent CAGR each year. According to The Betterley Report 2015, annual policy premiums are...

Data Security Requirements Under GDPR by Alexander Dittel

21/05/2016 07:49
Criminal liability of hackers and other online criminals has been part of UK law since the Computer Misuse Act 1990. At the global level, various jurisdictions have existing digital-crime related...

Cyber Insurance is about to become compulsory for all UK firms

20/05/2016 14:30
Cyber attacks are a case of when, not if, for most businesses.   Cyber Insurance and security is set to become a requirement for any UK firm that uses computers,...

Beware of Poorly Designed Cyber Insurance Policies that Can Leave Your Company Potentially Uninsured by Christine Marciano CIPP/US

19/05/2016 06:38
  Christine Marciano, CIPP/US Data Privacy/Cyber Risk Insurance Specialist Long gone are the days of bank robbers tunneling their way into bank...

New Regulations Impact EMEA Cybersecurity Market in 2016, IHS Says

16/05/2016 16:15
As a result of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2016, revenue from encryption products and managed services will to grow most quickly  ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (May 11, 2016) –...

Getting to know the General Data Protection Regulation, Part 7 - Accountability Principles = More Paperwork by Brian Davidson

13/05/2016 07:34
Introduction Ever since the European Commission’s proposal for the GDPR back in January 2012, ‘Accountability’ has formed the backbone of the draft Regulation through its legislative...

UK study highlights shortcomings on approach to cyber security

13/05/2016 07:25
Many UK companies lack formal cyber security policies and a plan to manage incidents when they occur, according to newly published research commissioned by the UK government. The Cyber Security...

Agents were responsible for new cyberbullying insurance, Chubb says

13/05/2016 07:23
Chubb’s relatively new cyberbullying endorsement on its homeowners coverage was created largely due to the influence of its insurance agents, the company said recently. Christie Alderman, a Chubb...

How The Financial Services Sector Can Best Comply With The New EU Data Protection Regulation

12/05/2016 06:21
Data protection laws in Europe are more important than ever before individuals are becoming more and more sensitive about privacy, data protection breaches are daily headline news, and the...

Ammitec Cyber Security Awareness Guidelines

11/05/2016 22:15
AMMITEC, the Association of the Maritime Managers in Information Technology and Communictions have released a new set of Cyber Security Guidelines which have been developed as a means of...

Hackers, phishers, and disappearing thumb drives: Lessons learned from major health care data breaches

10/05/2016 15:09
Health care services are complex and require many different entities to have access to patients’ medical data. Consider a simple office visit: in addition to the physician who sees the patient, it...

Cyber risk awareness not turning into action, survey finds by Erin Ayers

09/05/2016 11:49
Many businesses, especially in Europe, fully understand the cyber risk they face, but have yet to implement solid plans to address it, including declining to buy cyber insurance, according to a new...

The role of the Data Protection Officer in Europe

09/05/2016 11:43
The impending publication of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (‘the Regulation’) means that the role of the Data Protection Officer will at long last be given a Pan-European legislative...
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