NetDiligence Data Breach Calculator 

Ponemon & IBM Data Breach Calculator

Estimate Your Risk Exposure

Since 2005, The Ponemon Institute has examined the cost incurred by organizations, across industry sectors, after experiencing a data breach. The results were not hypothetical responses. They represent cost estimates for activities resulting from actual data loss incidents. Based on trend data we have been gathering since 2005, we have created a calculator that will estimate how much a data breach could cost your organization. We can calculate:

  • The likelihood that your company will experience a data breach in the next 12 months.
  • The cost per record in the event of a data breach at your Company.
  • The cost of a data breach at your company.

Answer a few short questions to find out how a data breach could impact your company as well as to see how you compare with other companies.  




Edelman Privacy Risks Index

The Edelman Privancy Risks Index  is a tool designed to help business praktiotioners better understand privacy and data protection risks with their organaization. 


Cyber Risk Diagnostic Tool

Aon has created this simple-to-use, interactive tool to help you identify and consider the key internal and external factors that may affect your levels of cyber risks. The tool will provide you with meaningful insight into the most important key cyber risk topics and includes practical guidance on the related governance framework that should be in place as part of an effective cyber risk management strategy. For specific tailored advice and/or product recommendation, please reach out to your local Aon office.

Breach Level Index Risk Assesement

The Data Breach Risk Assessment Calculator is a simple way to provide your inputs into the Breach Level Index in order to calculate your own risk score—indicating breach severity. 


IMBERVA: DDoS Downtime Cost Calculator

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