Cyber Insurance & Risk Manager Certification

Cyber Insurance Training educates insurance professionals about fundamental IT perils, cyber coverages and risk management. Technology's continuing evolution challenges every insurance professional to adopt a continuous learning process about cyber risks. provides a basic step to proficiency and professionalism in insurance with mitigating information technology risks

The Cyber Insurance and Risk Management course was developed by Associated Risk Managers Ohio. Associated Risk Managers is a group of approximately 200 agencies in the U.S. generating $5 billion dollars of insurance premiums through its network of independent agencies.

Cyber Insurance and Risk Management was designed by ARM principally for licensed insurance agents. The purpose is to address fast developing cyber risk perils that affect virtually every commercial insurance customer. With training Agents learn to address this crucial business risk, and then effectively integrate cyber insurance to their customer services.

The cyRM Course will jump-start learning for Insurance Agents on evolving IT perils. Experts say cyber risks will come to dominate business risk perils; this program is a step towards a learning process that must continue for the balance of your insurance career. Our mission is to equip every Agent with knowledge and skills to present cyber insurance to every commercial insured, today.