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 Cyber Risks Advisors Linkedin Group



This group discusses issues related to Privacy and Data Breach Management. We encourage Information Security, Legal, Compliance, Governance Risk, Crisis Communication Managers and Customer Care Managers to participate by debating the need for regulations and sharing their best practices, solutions and news about upcoming events.

The DPO Academy Linkedin Group

This Group discusses issues related to DPO Role and Responsibilities.

The DPO has to balance the role of a trusted advisor to the company as well as the internal policeman. 

This will require the DPO to carry out a number of tasks, including:

1.raising privacy awareness;

2. monitoring implementation and applicability of policies and procedures;

3.monitoring implementation and applicability of the Regulation;

4.ensuring that mandatory documentation is maintained;

5.monitoring the documentation, notification and communication of data incidents and breaches;

6.implementing and monitoring privacy impact assessments; with data protection authorities; and with works councils and employees representatives.