Cyber Risks Glossary

The ABCs of Cyber Risk is a Cyber Glossary compiled by ExecutivePerils and published by Advisen.


Cyber Risk Glossary of Terms – Excerpt

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) – A policy that organizations create to define the responsibilities and appropriate behaviors of computer and network users.

Access Control Mechanism – Security safeguards designed to detect and deny unauthorized access and permit authorized access to an information system

Access Point – A device that logically connects wireless client services operating in infrastructure to one another and provides access to a distribution system, if connected, which is typically an organization’s enterprise wired network.

Address – location in cyberspace

Adware – Software installed on a computer for the sole purpose of producing advertisements as pop-ups or banner displays to generate revenue for the advertiser.

AIS – Automated Information System – any equipment of an interconnected system or subsystems of equipment that is used in the automatic acquisition, storage, manipulation, control, display, transmission, or reception of data and includes software, firmware, and hardware.

Alderson Loop – A special kind of infinite loop that traps the user by using a false exit condition, i.e., “click OK” when the “OK” function has been disabled.

Ankle-Biter – A person who aspires to be a hacker/cracker but has very limited knowledge or skills related to AIS’s. Usually associated with young teens that collect and use simple malicious programs obtained from the Internet.

Anomaly Detection Model – A model where intrusions are detected by looking for activity that is different from a user’s or system’s normal behavior.

Anonymizer – An intermediary website that hides or disguises the IP address associated with the Internet user. Generally, these sites allow a person to engage in various Internet activities without leaving a traceable footprint

Anonymous – An on-line hackers group suspected as the party responsible for the massive Sony breaches in May 2011, which Anonymous denies. It has admitted responsibility for the system breaches at MasterCard and Visa following the Wiki leaks disclosures. The group slogan is “We Are Legion.”

ASIM – Automated Security Incident Measurement – Monitors network traffic and collects information on targeted unit networks by detecting unauthorized network activity.

Attacker Traps – Systems used to lure hackers or other information warriors into an attack so that they can be traced.

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