Mandatory cyber insurance backed to improve incident response

01/03/2019 13:45
Making cyber insurance compulsory would help improve the way businesses respond to cyber attacks and data breaches, a cyber risk expert has said. Freya Ollerearnshaw of Pinsent Masons, the law firm...

Does your insurance policy cover your intellectual property?

28/02/2019 17:35
There can often be a disconnect between a company’s management of its IP risks and its other risks. It is rare for risk managers to become involved in evaluating and managing risks related to a...

How cyber insurance can protect against the new ‘sextortion’ threat

27/02/2019 08:06
A new cyber risk has been threatening companies in recent months, playing into the fears of business owners and employees and trying to blackmail them out of money. International specialist...

DLA Piper GDPR data breach survey: February 2019

25/02/2019 11:24
On 25 May 2018 new data breach notification laws came into force across Europe which fundamentally changed the risk profile for organizations suffering a personal data breach. Under the EU General...

Sextortion and the dark side of the web - Beazley breach insights - February 2019

22/02/2019 10:09
Opportunistic cyber criminals are engaging in a new, darker strain of email compromise by attempting to bribe recipients into paying crypto-currency ransoms using so-called ‘sextortion’...

NeuroSOC Malware Analysts Detect Spam Campaign delivering vjw0rm, Duhini and Adwind Remote Access Trojans

17/02/2019 08:49
NeuroSOC, as part of the malware/abuse service that it provides, has recently captured two samples which concern a spam campaign (a DHL General Price Increase e-mail and...

Business email compromises: 365 days of vigilance

26/01/2019 06:58
The latest threat to cybersecurity isn’t a new form of attack vector — it’s the operational risk that can occur when using Microsoft Office 365 (O365). Research firm Gartner found that 13% of...

Deloitte Report : A new era for privacy

13/01/2019 09:03
General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) six months on Six months on from the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) coming into force, GDPR is having the desired effect with...

CFC Underwriting: UK businesses prime target for funds transfer fraud

19/12/2018 07:21
UK cyber policyholders are more than twice as likely as their US counterparts to claim for social engineering-driven attacks It wasn't long ago that it was fairly easy to spot a social engineering...

GDPR Alert: Santa Claus has been the victim of a cyber attack!!!

07/12/2018 15:16
Santa Claus had been the victim of a significant cyber-attack by hackers who do not love Christmas in order to control the naughty list he maintains with the reasoning for not sending the...

GDPR: more than 8,000 data breaches notified to ICO

07/12/2018 14:07
More than 8,000 data breaches have been reported in the UK since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in May, the information commissioner has said. Elizabeth Denham revealed the...

Why Security Firms Do Not Share The Cost Of Bad Reputation After A Cyberattack? by Yiannis Mouratidis

02/12/2018 09:34
Marriott hotel chain is the most recent 'big name' that fell prey to a cyber attack, after the discovery that personal data of their clients had been breached. It was such a big story that made the...

Threats and Impacts in Maritime Cyber Security

30/11/2018 07:45
In an increasingly connected and technologically dependent world, new areas of vulnerability are emerging.  This article explores the unique challenges of maritime cyber security in order to...

CFC Underwriting Tech Insurance

29/11/2018 07:00
Every day technology companies enable people to connect and businesses to operate in new and innovative ways. With twenty years’ experience providing insurance to some of the world’s most disruptive...

German Regulator Fines Firm for GDPR Failings

27/11/2018 06:39
A German privacy regulator has issued its first GDPR fine after a hacker stole unencrypted data on hundreds of thousands of customers of a local chat app. The Baden-Württemberg Data Protection...

Insight: Cyber threats to shipping grow in East Mediterranean

22/11/2018 07:42
In the first part of this double feature, Katherine Dunn investigates an emerging security risk for the shipping industry, as maritime authorities report a rising number of GPS failures Early one...

ADACOM Report: The Vulnerability Landscape of Greece

22/11/2018 07:36
The current report contains a statistical analysis of the security findings discovered by ADACOM Cyber Security during a period of three years and a sample of 200 security engagements of various...

Lessons on data breaches from the EU

21/11/2018 07:48
Six months ago, May 25, 2018 to be exact the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in the European Union – but its implementation happened with a "whimper" rather than a "bang",...

Marsh: Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2018

10/11/2018 06:47
The first industry report of its kind, the Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2018 takes a global look at the major issues that are likely to impact the global maritime industry over the next 10...

NetDiligence Releases Data-Driven Analysis on Cyber Claims

07/11/2018 16:37
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- NetDiligence®, a leading provider of cyber risk readiness and response services, announced today it has published its eighth annual Cyber...
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