After Bank of Greece, Cyprus Central Bank also reports cyber attack

07/05/2016 19:10

(Reuters) — The website of the Central Bank of Cyprus briefly came under cyber attack, days after a hacking collective said it conducted a similar attack on the Greek central bank’s site.

The central bank’s website came under “some form of a denial-of-service” attack, a spokeswoman said on Friday, via email.

She did not say when the attack occurred, but several on-line news sites covering cyber security said it came on Thursday. The bank could not be reached to verify the date.

The attack “... resulted in some delays in user connections, but generally the website could handle the anticipated number of users for the day,” the spokeswoman said.

Greece’s central bank was attacked by the hacking group Anonymous on Tuesday, which disrupted service on its web site, a Bank of Greece official said on Wednesday.

It was not immediately clear whether Anonymous was behind the attack on the Cypriot central bank. But in a video posted on YouTube, the group said the attack on the Bank of Greece marked the start of a 30-day campaign against central banks around the world.

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