Beazley Breach Insights: Healthcare Special Edition Report

17/10/2017 10:04

All organizations face the reality that data breaches have become inevitable. And the stakes are high: you hold personal data in trust for your customers, employees and patients. The volume of protected health information (PHI) maintained by healthcare organizations and the digitization of electronic health records have increased potential vulnerability for large data breaches. It is important to understand the underlying causes so as to mitigate and manage them effectively. 


Beazley is a pioneer in the provision of data breach insurance and response services. Since the launch of Beazley Breach Response (BBR) in 2009, Beazley has managed over 4,000 data breaches for organizations in the healthcare sector, giving us an unrivalled view of the causes of breaches and evolving trends. In this special report, we highlight issues currently trending in the healthcare sector. 


Katherine Keefe Global Head of Beazley Breach Response Services

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