BMW declines the request to shares the connected car data to the third parties

17/01/2015 09:47

BMW says “NO THANKS” to the 3rd parties who ask to share the connected car data that the car maker collects from its drivers.

In the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) this year, it is revealed that technology companies and advertisers are putting pressure on car makers to pass on data collected by connected cars. However, BMW has outrightly refused to sell their ‘valuable asset’.

BMW’s sales and marketing lead, Ian Robertson told the Financial Times,

“There’s plenty of people out there saying ‘give us all the data you’ve got and we can tell you what we can do with it’ adding that this included “Silicon Valley” companies, as well as advertising groups. And we’re saying: ‘No thank you’.”

According to him, every car rolling off BMW’s production lines had a wireless network that could yield information about location, speed, acceleration and even the occupants of the car. But BMW also has a firewall in place to protect crucial data about the internal running of the car. However, any transmission of data raises concerns about who might access that information — and what they might do with it.

The issues surrounding data privacy for drivers will continue to be a hot topic alongside security and legal issues as cars become more connected and, eventually, more autonomous.

Source: Financial Times