CFC Underwriting Tech Insurance

29/11/2018 07:00

Every day technology companies enable people to connect and businesses to operate in new and innovative ways.

With twenty years’ experience providing insurance to some of the world’s most disruptive start-ups and creative tech companies, CFC understands how quickly the risks facing this industry can evolve. Our bespoke technology insurance products are built with the future in mind.

Designed for a wide range of technology companies, our policy addresses the costs associated with delays, mistakes, oversights and miscommunication, along with other traditional and emerging risks that technology companies face

Coverage highlights

Breach of contract cover

Our clear, unambiguous cover for breach of a client contract pays all sums up to the full policy limit which you become legally obliged to pay as a result of any claim made against you by a client including liability for claimants’ costs and expenses. 

Cyber and privacy cover

Technology companies are often responsible for highly sensitive information. With this in mind, we include robust cyber and privacy cover that comes with access to our award-winning internal cyber incident response team. 

Separate towers of cover for major insurance lines 

Our policy has separate limits for each major insuring line, meaning limits for a claim under one line won’t erode limits for future claims under another line. 

Bodily injury and property damage cover

 There is an uncertain legal environment for technology companies when it comes to their services leading to injuries to people or damage to property. That’s why our policy covers bodily injury and property damage claims up to the full policy limit, providing extra peace of mind. 

Intellectual property rights infringement 

Our policy covers the legal costs of defending a claim alleging an infringement of intellectual property rights such as allegations of copyright or trademark infringement, as well as any damages, settlements and counterclaims associated with the claim. 

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