Cybersecurity Preparedness and Response: A Middle Market Risk Management Perspective

09/10/2016 09:24

What is your company’s biggest vulnerability in terms of cyber risk? 

How well prepared do you feel your company is to respond to a cyber-related crisis? 

Does your company have a formal cyber incident response plan? 

Does your company purchase standalone cyber liability insurance? 

Does your company have a formal plan in place for dealing with a cyber extortion demand?


The Hartford and Advisen asked 131 risk professionals from middle market businesses representing more than 15 industries about their views on cyber preparedness.

The survey revealed that cyber risk is without question a concern of middle market businesses. However, it also found that risk professionals see substantial room for improvement in the cybersecurity efforts of their organizations.

The results provide a fascinating insight into middle market businesses cyber preparedness.


Cybersecurity isn’t just about preventive technology; it requires the awareness and participation of everyone within the organization.

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