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10/12/2015 05:53

No issue today has created more concern within corporate C-suites and boardrooms than cybersecurity risk. With the ability to shatter a company’s reputation with their customers and draw criticism from shareholders, lawsuits from affected parties, and attention from the media, the threat of cyber risk is ubiquitous and insidious. No company, region, or industry is immune, which makes the responsibility to oversee, manage, and mitigate cyber risk a top-down priority in every organization. 

The New York Stock Exchange has long advocated that exemplary governance and risk oversight is fundamental to the health of individual companies, as well as to the sound operation of our capital markets. In other words, we too take the threat very seriously. Today, managing cybersecurity risk has expanded far beyond the realm of IT; it has become a business continuity necessity to ensure shareholder value remains intact and that privacy and corporate intellectual property is protected. Accordingly, those responsibilities are weighing heavily on corporate executives and directors, making it vital for them to better understand and prepare for the evolving cybersecurity landscape. 

Cyber risk ultimately poses a threat to confi dence, a foundational aspect of U.S. corporate issuers and markets. We are taking a leadership role on many fronts, such as reducing market fragmentation and complexity, as well as increasing effi ciency through the highest levels of intelligence, analytics, and technology. Confidence in the integrity and security of our assets is concurrent with our success—as it is for every other company operating in the public markets today. 

Moreover, because the public markets have become increasingly reliant on interdependent technology systems, the threat looms even larger. As we witnessed during the 2008 fi nancial crisis, rarely does any failure happen in a vacuum; therefore, the threat of systemic disruption has taken on an even higher level of prominence and concern among regulators and policymakers worldwide. It is important that companies remain vigilant, taking steps to proactively and intelligently address cybersecurity. 

Beyond the technological solutions developed to defend and combat breaches, we can accomplish even more through better training, awareness, and insight on human behavior. Confi dence, after all, is not a measure of technological systems, but of the people who are entrusted to manage them. 


With insights from the preeminent authorities on cybersecurity today, this groundbreaking, practical guide to cybersecurity has been developed to refl ect a body of knowledge that is unsurpassed on this topic. At the heart of effective risk management must be a thorough understanding of the risks as well as pragmatic solutions. Thank you for your continued partnership with the New York Stock Exchange, and we look forward to continuing to support your requirements in this dynamic landscape.

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