Governing Cyber Risk: A Guide for Company Boards

27/04/2018 07:03

Boards are facing the challenge of having to innovate to keep up with evolving digital technology and ensuring their firms are resilient to new cyber threats.


There has been a lot of commentary on the technical aspects of cyber security, but less has been said about how boards can ensure that the right things are being done and in the right way. In addition, the arrival of GDPR adds to boards' duty of care to protect data and systems from cyber-attack.


Marsh and TheCityUK have produced a new report, Governing Cyber Risk: A guide for company boards, which provides insight on the recommended governance of cyber risk to ensure firms can better protect themselves and their customers against cyber threats.


The research for this report was undertaken by engaging with 30 firms from across the financial and related professional industry, and examines the differences in the way boards are taking ownership of the risk and the efforts being made to manage exposure and prepare for a breach.


For more information, download the report.

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