HSBC Turkey hacked and 2.7 million customers credit card data compromised by VIJAY

15/11/2014 08:04

The global banking conglomerate, HSBC’s Turkey operations were hacked today. As per the announcement by the bank, customer data including confidential banking information of nearly 2.7 HSBC Turkey customers may have been compromised. The bank in a statement said that its security team spotted the attack on its credit card and debit card systems and the same were stopped but the banking operations were hacked by the attackers.  As a result  some 2.7 million customers’ account numbers, card expiry dates and card holder information may have been stolen by the hackers.

The bank stated that it had notice the attack in the last week through its internal security control mechanism.  The bank also said that,  Only the linked account number was compromised. The content of the account was not compromised. It is not possible to commit fraud with the linked account number. This information is regularly shared by our customers with the 3rd parties when they make money transfers and EFT transactions. No other information was compromised, including account numbers of term deposit accounts or other deposit accounts.

The bank says there is no financial risk to the customers

“There is no financial risk to our customers and there has been no evidence of any fraud or other suspicious activity arising from this incident” the bank said in the statement. “Our customers may continue to perform all banking transactions with HSBC as usual.”  They have also said that the HSBC card owners can continue using their cards without any problem.0 “Our cards are secure and customers can continue to use their cards as usual”, the bank said. The screenshot of the statement is given below :

HSBC Turkey hacked and 2.7 million customers credit card data compromised

HSBC, Turkey has stated that investigations are underway in active cooperation the Turkey’s Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and the law enforcement agencies. If you are a HSBC Turkey customer you are requested to visit the FAQ site of HSBC Turkeyand clear your doubts regarding the hacking. The bank has stated that it will reimburse the customer if any confirmed fraudulent transactions occur related to this incident is brought to its notice.  So it would be good for the HSBC customers to keep an eye on their financial statements in future for any fraudulent variation.

Techworm will bring you more news about this latest hacking on one of the largest banking networks in the world as they become available.

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