New Ponemon Institute Study “The Cyber Resilient Organization in Germany: Learning to Thrive Against Threats”

14/02/2016 21:59
With cyber attacks growing increasingly frequent and complex, cybersecurity strategies are shifting: while prevention is still important, it is more about prevailing. Cyber resilience supports businesses efforts to ensure they’ll continue to thrive despite the increased likelihood of a data breach.   
That’s the essence of cyber resilience – aligning prevention, detection, and response capabilities to manage, mitigate, and move on from cyberattacks. But are businesses ready today to face cyber threats head on? To find out, Ponemon Institute, with sponsorship from Resilient Systems, surveyed 445 IT and IT security practitioners about their organizations’ approach to becoming resilient to security threats. The findings are presented in the study, The Cyber Resilient Organization in Germany: Learning to Thrive against Threats.  
In the context of this research, we define cyber resilience as the capacity of an enterprise to maintain its core purpose and integrity in the face of cyberattacks. A cyber resilient enterprise is one that can prevent, detect, contain and recover from a plethora of serious threats against data, applications and IT infrastructure. A cyber resilient enterprise successfully aligns continuity management and disaster recovery with security operations in a holistic fashion.