Report: Cybersecurity is being harmed by employee mistakes – and stress is key

23/07/2020 10:55

Employee mistakes are having a potentially dire impact on enterprise cybersecurity, with 43% of workers admitting to making an error that had a negative impact on corporate digital security.

This is according to The Psychology of Human Error, a report published today by email security company Tessian, which surveyed 2,000 employees in the US and the UK in April.


It found that not only were mistakes with potentially severe implications for enterprise cybersecurity commonplace, but that workplace disruption, distraction and stress were significant causes.

One in four said they had clicked a link on a phishing email during work, while 58% said they had accidentally sent an email to the wrong person. And while this may sound innocent enough it can be a serious issue, with one in five companies reporting they had lost customers over mistaken emails.

Around half of employees reported making more mistakes when they were stressed, with being tired or being distracted impacting 43% and 41% respectively.

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