Turkish Hackers Say They Deleted $670 Billion In Electricity Bills by John Vibes

21/11/2014 07:22

A Turkish hacking collective claims to have deleted billions in outstanding electric bills, the government claims the group just removed a data backup.

(TheAntiMedia) “RedHack”, a Turkish Hacking collective, cracked the code for the state utility company’s database, and deleted roughly $670 billion in outstanding bills.

“We dedicate this action to the villagers of Yırca, to those who resist in Validebağ, and to those who know that there are things more important than money and status in this life,” RedHack said in a tweet earlier this week.

They then made another post that said “Go and write off your own debts before they shut [the website] down.”

However, just after the hack, Turkey’s Energy Ministry, made a statement saying that there was a backup of the information.

“Our system doesn’t allow a bill to be deleted permanently. The original copies of bills are stored at TEİAŞ. The debt that is allegedly written off was collected on Oct. 27,” the statement said.

According to Wikipedia:

Redhack (Kızıl Hackerlar, Kızıl Hackerlar Birliği), is a Turkish Marxist–Leninist computer hacker group which was founded in 1997. The group has claimed responsibility for hacking institutions that include the Council of Higher Education, Turkish police forces, the Turkish Army, Türk Telekom, and the National Intelligence Organization and many other websites. The group’s core numbers are said to be 12, the leader is MaNYaK. RedHack is the first and only hacker group which is accused of being a terrorist organization and is currently under the worlds most wanted 5 hacker groups.


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