Verizon Report:Data breach digest. Scenarios from the field.

03/03/2016 10:02

The Verizon RISK Team performs cyber investigations for hundreds of commercial enterprises and government agencies annually across the globe. In 2015, we were retained to investigate more than 500 cybersecurity incidents occurring in over 40 countries. In 2008, the results of our field investigations were the genesis of the first Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), an annual publication that dissects real-world data breaches with the goal of enlightening the public about the nature of the threat actors behind the attacks, the methods they use, including the data they seek, and the victims they target. 


Our incident data corpus, which contains a wealth of breach information from over 70 contributors, has fueled eight years of DBIR reporting (to include this year's ninth DBIR). VERIS has allowed us to analyze this data to uncover the actors, actions, assets, and attributes involved in the incidents. While the DBIR focuses on trends and patterns found in an aggregated incident data set, the Data Breach Digest (DBD) gets you closer to the action. With the DBD, we're leveraging VERIS like never before. We're lashing up the cold, hard VERIS metrics to our on-theground casework experience. Essentially, we have opened our case files, and are giving you a first-hand look at cyber investigations from our experiences—a view from the field.

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