What investors need to know about cybersecurity: How to evaluate the investment risks by pwc

03/08/2014 21:53

Companies are increasingly vulnerable to incoming cybersecurity threats. "Hactivism," corporate espionage, insider and government threats, terrorism, and criminal activity can cost time and resources, and do irreparable harm to to a company's reputation - and shareholder value - if not handled appropriately.

Investors can examine corporate disclosures to better understand companies' cybersecurity preparedness and practices. They can also engage with management, particularly in higher risk industries, to consider the potential impact of cyber-threats on both individual investment and portfolio values.

Cybersecurity is more than just a technology issue in the back office; it's a critical business issue that can dramatically impact a company's competitive position. Learn what leading practices are available to investors to determine if a company is reasonably prepared to weather the storm of a cyberattack.