Zurich Report : Risk Nexus Overcome by cyber risks? Economic benefits and costs of alternate cyber futures

27/09/2015 07:42

The globalization of value chains, increased financial integration, rapid urbanization, and the Internet’s ubiquity have all accelerated worldwide economic growth over the past few decades. Unfortunately, these same developments have also significantly increased our vulnerability to external shocks and global crises. With risks mounting and traditional systems of control weakening, now is the time to ask: do the risks of being connected outweigh the benefits to global economic growth?


Companies must start preparing for an Internet that may be far less businessfriendly, with more sovereign borders and more disruptive attacks. 

Addressing cyber risks is an issue for corporate boards, not the IT department. 

National policymakers must treat the Internet as a global resource that can be depleted like any other and that requires stewardship if it is to remain productive. If we cannot create a more sustainable cyberspace, then it will likely be far less safe, secure, and resilient for future generations than it has been for ours


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