Beazley breach insights - May 2019

25/05/2019 07:47
Ransomware attacks skyrocket, Q1 2019     Ransomware attacks skyrocketed in the first quarter of 2019, according to the Beazley Breach Response (BBR) Services team, which...

Chronis Kapalidis: Cyber Security challenges for the shipping industry

08/05/2019 10:19
During the 2019 SAFETY4SEA London Conference, Mr. Chronis Kapalidis, Cyber Expert, Hudson Analytix, talked about cyber threats in shipping. He noted that cyber attacks are becoming more...

CFC 2018 cyber claims data

11/04/2019 07:49
Last year, we responded to over 1,000 cyber claims comprised of theft of funds, data breaches, ransomware & extortion, malware and more. Here are some of...

Maritime Cyber security survey results

06/04/2019 10:49
Near about 70% of senior maritime sector administrators in the US believe, the sector is prepared to respond to cyber attacks, whereas half of that number believes their own businesses are ready....

Beazley Breach Briefing - 2019 : Annual Report

05/04/2019 09:55
Beazley Breach Response Services publishes latest annual report Business email compromises (BEC) accounted for 24% of the overall number of incidents reported to Beazley Breach Response (BBR)...

Huge aluminium plants hit by 'severe' ransomware attack

20/03/2019 07:33
One of the world's biggest aluminium producers has switched to manual operations at some smelting plants following a "severe" ransomware attack. Hydro, which employs more than 35,000 people in 40...

CFC Underwriting: IP insurance guide

15/03/2019 07:06
As technology has revolutionized nearly every industry, and consumers are presented with more choice than ever before, IP has become one of the most critical assets for today’s modern...

Mandatory cyber insurance backed to improve incident response

01/03/2019 13:45
Making cyber insurance compulsory would help improve the way businesses respond to cyber attacks and data breaches, a cyber risk expert has said. Freya Ollerearnshaw of Pinsent Masons, the law firm...

Does your insurance policy cover your intellectual property?

28/02/2019 17:35
There can often be a disconnect between a company’s management of its IP risks and its other risks. It is rare for risk managers to become involved in evaluating and managing risks related to a...

How cyber insurance can protect against the new ‘sextortion’ threat

27/02/2019 08:06
A new cyber risk has been threatening companies in recent months, playing into the fears of business owners and employees and trying to blackmail them out of money. International specialist...

DLA Piper GDPR data breach survey: February 2019

25/02/2019 11:24
On 25 May 2018 new data breach notification laws came into force across Europe which fundamentally changed the risk profile for organizations suffering a personal data breach. Under the EU General...

Sextortion and the dark side of the web - Beazley breach insights - February 2019

22/02/2019 10:09
Opportunistic cyber criminals are engaging in a new, darker strain of email compromise by attempting to bribe recipients into paying crypto-currency ransoms using so-called ‘sextortion’...

NeuroSOC Malware Analysts Detect Spam Campaign delivering vjw0rm, Duhini and Adwind Remote Access Trojans

17/02/2019 08:49
NeuroSOC, as part of the malware/abuse service that it provides, has recently captured two samples which concern a spam campaign (a DHL General Price Increase e-mail and...

Business email compromises: 365 days of vigilance

26/01/2019 06:58
The latest threat to cybersecurity isn’t a new form of attack vector — it’s the operational risk that can occur when using Microsoft Office 365 (O365). Research firm Gartner found that 13% of...
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