Target Says Data Breach Affected Up To 70 Million Customers Sponsored by By Brian T. Horowitz

11/01/2014 08:52
Target has issued an update on a holiday-season data breach and says the debacle affected up to 70 million individuals, the company reported on Jan. 10. The retailer has been conducting a forensic...

U.S. study of automotive location data raises privacy concerns by Kate Kaye

11/01/2014 08:40
The government's research arm found that data-hungry in-car location services could use some improvement in the privacy and consumer notification departments. The Government Accountability Office's...

Financial Institutions Privacy and Security – 2013 Year in Review By Anne Foster and Gerald Ferguson

10/01/2014 13:48
Throughout 2013, financial institutions continued to face serious threats from cybercriminals targeting the personal information of banking customers and their financial assets through the use of...

Comment: Cybersecurity Lessons from the Financial Sector by Matthew Cohen, NT OBJECTives

10/01/2014 13:11
Creating a cybersecurity policy is hard, largely because it’s so difficult to define success. A national cybersecurity initiative should define the goals we want to achieve and provide incentives for...

Lessons learned from a Password Attack by Robert Siciliano

08/01/2014 19:30
It’s easy for millions of passwords to be stolen via hacking into Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts: It recently happened because malware was unknowingly downloaded into computers worldwide that...

Cyber attack on Northampton insurance firm ‘potentially affected 93,000 customers' by Ian Gallagher

07/01/2014 13:03
Northampton-based insurance firm Staysure has written to more than 90,000 customers warning them they could have been victims of fraud, after their card details were stolen in a cyber attack. The...

Eight hundred data breaches in Scotland over five years

05/01/2014 21:03
There have been more than 800 incidents of data loss by health boards in the last five years, figures have revealed. They include patient notes being found in public places within NHS buildings,...

Companies More Vulnerable to Cyber Breaches Around New Year By Sarah Frier and Peter Burrows

05/01/2014 06:29
A string of cyber attacks over the holidays — involving Snapchat Inc., Microsoft Corp.’s Skype and Target Corp. — underscore how companies tend to be more vulnerable to hacking during the end-of-year...

Cash machines raided with infected USB sticks By Chris Vallance

03/01/2014 22:22
Researchers have revealed how cyber-thieves sliced into cash machines in order to infect them with malware earlier this year. The criminals cut the holes in order to plug in USB drives that installed...

A Snapchat security breach affects 4.6 million users. Did Snapchat drag its feet on a fix? By Brian Fung

02/01/2014 18:32
Snapchat users are waking up to troubling news: Thanks to a gap in the service's security, the phone numbers and usernames for as many as 4.6 million accounts have been downloaded by a Web site...

Cyber Terrorism - Lloyds

02/01/2014 18:18
Industrial facilities from nuclear plants to dams are increasingly coming under attack from cyber terrorists bent on causing physical damage and disruption from behind their computer terminals. But...

Viewing Where the Internet Goes By John Markoff

02/01/2014 18:09
Will 2014 be the year that the Internet is reined in? When Edward J. Snowden, the disaffected National Security Agency contract employee, purloined tens of thousands of classified documentsfrom...

Briar Group confirms it was source behind Seaport data breach By Ashley Troutman

02/01/2014 13:05
BOSTON ( -- After an investigation, the Briar Group, which runs eight restaurants and bars in the city, learned that their systems were infiltrated causing the data breach that...

Target Could Be Liable for $3.6 Billion from Security Breach - By Kevin Parrish

01/01/2014 11:55
This is just the beginning. Target said on Friday that it is actively partnering with the United States Secret Service and the Department of Justice on the ongoing investigation into the malware...

Stolen TARGET Credit Cards and the Black Market: How the Digital Underground works By Ken Westin

29/12/2013 07:19
With the Target data breach, many are wondering how criminals can profit from the use of the stolen credit cards. The card holders themselves will not be responsible for any of the charges, so how is...
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