Insurers take on cyber risk market

20/07/2014 09:02
Insurers are eagerly eyeing exponential growth in the tiny cyber coverage market. But their lack of experience and skills handling hackers and data breaches may keep their ambitions in check. High...

Proper Risk Assessment for Cyberinsurance by Natalie Lehr

20/07/2014 08:50
The introduction of cyberinsurance is tempered by the same legacy procedures that have defined insurance since long before cybersecurity existed. It's a generally accepted truth that change is...

A Lack of Communication on Cyber Security Will Cost Your Business Big by Ethan Oberman

18/07/2014 06:04
    When it comes to cyber security, most CEOs don’t get it. That was the conclusion of a recent survey of IT security professionals on the state of their companies’ defenses against...

Breaches exposed 22.8 million personal records of New Yorkers

16/07/2014 07:17
Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman issued a new report examining the growing number, complexity, and costs of data breaches in the New York State. The report reveals that the number of reported...

Cyber-Insurance Valuable yet Still Needs to Evolve by Robert Lemos

14/07/2014 08:13
  Insurance firms need more tools to better gauge risk and appropriately cover businesses for damages sustained during cyber-attacks. While cyber-insurance could significantly help companies...

Cyber risk growth constitutes huge threat but huge business opportunity by Insurance Business

09/07/2014 06:28
We’ve come a long way in the last 20 years. In the mid nineties we were just discovering this wonderful new thing called the internet and the joys of waiting for a dial-up connection to AOL. Now,...

Threat from hackers brings rush for extra insurance - Telegraph by John Ficenec

08/07/2014 07:35
Premiums expected to pass $2bn this year as cyber attacks on businesses increase The world’s leading insurance market has reported a sharp increase in companies seeking insurance cover from...

How will your Business Respond to a Cyber Attack Ransom Demand? Answer: Cyber Extortion Insurance by Christine Marcianno

04/07/2014 23:13
  With DDoS attacks surging and no signs of slowing down, all organizations should be concerned with these types of attacks, and should prepare a mitigation plan before such an attack strikes...

Lessons Learned from 1,000 Data Breaches…and Counting by Mike Donovan

02/07/2014 23:56
Companies are primarily focused on protections, when instead they should be considering what to do after the systems are breached. Do you know your enemy? Are you fighting the wrong war? Despite...

Why cyber-insurance will be the next big thing by Mary Thomson

02/07/2014 22:53
Earlier this year, New York City-based staffing agency Clarity bought cyber-insurance for the first time. This spring it added more coverage. "We were actually hearing about...

It’s time to add cyber insurance to your cyber security strategy.

19/06/2014 18:46
Digital information is fundamental to businesses; it’s at the core of what they do and allows them to operate effectively. Without this digital information, businesses would not be able to foster a...

The Problem With Cyber Insurance by IRA Scharf

18/06/2014 09:31
Insurers have yet to develop an evidence-based method to assess a company's cyber risk profile. This has resulted in high premiums, low coverage, and broad exclusions.   Cyber insurance is one...

Hackers blackmail Domino's Pizza. By Dylan Love

17/06/2014 12:48
A group called Rex Mundi is threatening to release stolen customer account information unless it gets $41,000. By Dylan Love, Business Insider   A hacker group called Rex Mundi...

The $10 Million Deductible - By Josephine Wolff

13/06/2014 14:33
Do you still shop at Target? There’s been controversy over how much of an impact the massive breach of 40 million credit and debit card numbers in late 2013 had on the company’s shareholders...
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