How Cyberinsurance Is Responding to Ransomware: An Interview with Ken Suh, Mark Singer, and Marcello Antonucci

28/10/2020 12:39
Ransomware has long been a scourge, and it has been growing into a pandemic with no signs of slowing down. I recently had the opportunity to discuss ransomware with several experts at...

Coalition Cyber Insurance Claims Report H1 2020

15/09/2020 12:32
In the report you’ll find:  An analysis of claims data from Coalition policyholders that details which industries are impacted most by cyber incidents, how small business claims...

Report: Cybersecurity is being harmed by employee mistakes – and stress is key

23/07/2020 10:55
Employee mistakes are having a potentially dire impact on enterprise cybersecurity, with 43% of workers admitting to making an error that had a negative impact on corporate digital security. This is...

Shore-Based Infrastructure & Prospect of Conflicts Top Cyber Concerns

23/07/2020 10:53
Vessels are becoming more connected to shore-based systems, meaning the cyber threat is ever-evolving - from crippling ports and terminals to spoofing attacks on ships. The shipping community has...

Cyber insurance: Risks and trends 2020

27/05/2020 07:54
Review of 2019 Despite increased investment in cyber security, the risk from attacks has increased significantly in the last year. In the qualitative review, three cybercrime...

Why Maritime Cyber Insurance is Important ?

27/03/2020 06:41
Countdown to new IMO cyber guidelines deadline Recognising current and emerging threats, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has introduced new guidelines on cyber risk management in safety...

Cyber Security Implementation Guide & Webinars from DCSA

18/03/2020 12:34
In conjunction with our member carriers, DCSA has published the DCSA Implementation Guide for Cyber Security on Vessels for the global container shipping industry. The purpose of the guide...

ICO imposes maximum pre-GDPR fine on major UK retailer: cybersecurity lessons for retailers (and other organisations

10/02/2020 19:24
Last month the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), the UK data protection regulator, imposed a monetary penalty notice of £500,000 on electronics retailer DSG Retail Limited (DSG), a company...

C-suite unprepared for NotPetya and other extinction-level cyberattacks

09/02/2020 11:49
Many executives either don't know what their company's cyber defense is, lack budget, or spend too much time analyzing rather than taking action. In a new poll of 2,800 cyber security...

Mysterious GPS outages are wracking the shipping industry

23/01/2020 06:48
The call came in by radio one evening last September, at around 9 p.m. On the line was the master of a tanker, approaching the end of a monthlong journey from the Port of South Louisiana...

Report: How do you accelerate the protection of your intellectual property?

19/01/2020 15:19
We live in an age of innovation. Intangible assets, such as intellectual property, data, brands and technology, are of increasing strategic importance to businesses.  Protection is of essence...

Tech Insurance

16/01/2020 15:09
Every day technology companies enable people to connect and businesses to operate in new and innovative ways. nning a technology company involves balancing client demands with the restraints...

Report: The Rise of the Cyber Industrial Complex and Expense in Dept

05/01/2020 06:46
Almost 60 years ago, Dwight Eisenhower gave his indelible speech on the military industrial complex. In the speech, he talked about the need “to find essential agreement on issues of great moment,...

COSO releases guidance on managing cyber risks

27/12/2019 16:05
The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) has teamed up with Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory on publishing new guidance on managing cyber risks in a...
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