Target Puts Data Breach Costs at $148 Million, and Forecasts Profit Drop by Rachel Abrams

07/08/2014 21:40
Target, still feeling the pain from a huge data breach last year, said in a security filing on Tuesday that costs associated with the episode reached $148 million in the second quarter. The company...

Chain confirms it was source of breach affecting conventions by Deirdre Fernandes

07/08/2014 06:58
A local restaurant chain confirmed Friday that its computer systems were breached, putting the credit-card information of thousands of customers at risk, including visitors who attended two major...

Restaurant Cyber Liability. Are you pretected? by Mark Straus

07/08/2014 06:54
It is possible that your current restaurant insurance coverage has not kept pace with the rapidly evolving world of cyber liability. Cyber liability for restaurants is an area of risk that restaurant...

How to Create Security Awareness in the Workplace by Robert Siciliano

06/08/2014 07:33
Security awareness among your employees is your first line of defense against a data breach. Protect your business by following these 8 tips. Imagine if every IT security manager had the budget,...

Data is a key strategic asset for every company by Alan Mcstravick

05/08/2014 05:43
The leveraging of data as a competitive asset is quickly becoming the difference between success and failure for companies operating within the same vertical. The writing is definitely on the wall...

Why Every Company is a Data Company by Erik Dosal

05/08/2014 05:36
Every company is a data company, the only difference is some “get it” and some don’t. Companies that ignore the wave of data they have access to are in for a rude awakening in the coming years....

What investors need to know about cybersecurity: How to evaluate the investment risks by pwc

03/08/2014 21:53
Companies are increasingly vulnerable to incoming cybersecurity threats. "Hactivism," corporate espionage, insider and government threats, terrorism, and criminal activity can cost time and...

Cyber Security Insurance Difficult for Business to Navigate by Robert Siciliano

03/08/2014 20:26
Cyber insurance is now booming, with about 50 carriers in the industry. An increasing number of companies have cyber insurance to protect against cyber crime. However, businesses claim it’s not easy...

Reasons not to buy Cyberinsurance

03/08/2014 09:28
While insurance companies can provide a one-stop shop for breach notification, crisis management and public relations after a security disaster, many organizations are not aware of the sublimits of...

The Risk of Data Breaches in Law Firms by Jett Hanna

01/08/2014 18:29
A lawyer produces information containing personally identifiable information about a client’s employees to another law firm. One of the lawyers at the other law firm downloads a copy of that file and...

Computer Attacks Leading To More Cyberinsurance by CIARAN McEVOY

30/07/2014 19:49
Insurers put food on the table by preparing for disasters that most people would rather not think about: fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, car accidents, collapsing buildings. Now they're increasingly...

Cyber Threats to the Insurance Industry Written by Gal Landesman

29/07/2014 20:48
In recent years, insurance companies have been finding themselves affected by the rising number of major incidents of cyberattacks. On the one hand, this trend presents a business opportunity for...

Main Street vs. Wall Street: Who is to Blame for Data Breaches? by Brunswick

29/07/2014 07:43
Our survey offers rare insight into how consumers apportion responsibility for preventing data breaches. The findings show widespread consumer worry around retail data breaches, and a strong belief...

Reputation management of a data breach

24/07/2014 07:20
Data security breaches almost always give rise to a risk of reputational damage to the company responsible for controlling and processing the data.  From the moment the breach occurs, the media...

A breach of client data: Risks to CPA firms by Amy Waldron and David Hallstrom

24/07/2014 07:15
You walk into your office on a Saturday morning during tax season to find a staff member waiting for you with sweaty palms and a look of terror on her face. She takes a while to get the words out,...

EU data protection body issues important new Opinion on breach notification by Belinda Doshi

24/07/2014 07:06
Summary and implications The Article 29 Working Party (the Working Party) has issued a new Opinion on personal data breach notification that will have important repercussions for all data controllers...

Insurers take on cyber risk market

20/07/2014 09:02
Insurers are eagerly eyeing exponential growth in the tiny cyber coverage market. But their lack of experience and skills handling hackers and data breaches may keep their ambitions in check. High...

Proper Risk Assessment for Cyberinsurance by Natalie Lehr

20/07/2014 08:50
The introduction of cyberinsurance is tempered by the same legacy procedures that have defined insurance since long before cybersecurity existed. It's a generally accepted truth that change is...

A Lack of Communication on Cyber Security Will Cost Your Business Big by Ethan Oberman

18/07/2014 06:04
    When it comes to cyber security, most CEOs don’t get it. That was the conclusion of a recent survey of IT security professionals on the state of their companies’ defenses against...

Breaches exposed 22.8 million personal records of New Yorkers

16/07/2014 07:17
Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman issued a new report examining the growing number, complexity, and costs of data breaches in the New York State. The report reveals that the number of reported...
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